Hi and thanks for visiting my site.

I guess you’re here because you’ve written a piece of work. A vitally important piece, perhaps; something you know just has to be spot-on. You may be happy with the content but are now considering whether to subject it to impartial scrutiny.

How may I help?

As a qualified, full-time professional proofreader I can provide you with the trained eyes needed to give your work the essential quality-check it deserves. Moreover, as a published writer myself I know how important it is to ‘get it right’. And by that I mean ‘right-first-time’. There are no second-chances when submitting written work – whatever it may be – and first impressions do count (however much we may prefer to believe otherwise).

What will it cost?

For the sake of clarity, I’ve presented my services in three individually-priced packages. However, no two pieces of work are the same so these are entirely flexible, open for negotiation and subject to your specific requirements. The three packages are:

Home Page Small Docs_1

Home page Basic Proofread_1

Proofread and Copy Edit

For detailed service information, including package price, select the option that best applies to you. What could be easier?

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