Inspired by words

Prior to this …

booklovers13 (3)… I was prompted to start a blog a while ago by someone who knew me and my capacity to waffle – that is to use a dozen words where one would do the same job. And so was born ‘YellowbellyAches’, a Blogger production within which I waffled on about those things dear to me – archery, country walking, birdwatching and so on. The thing was I didn’t feel it was quite ‘me’ … sure, it was about me and that, I guess,  was the root of the problem – as in who on earth wants to read about me? I certainly wouldn’t.

A fresh start

Parallel to that blog’s creation, I was busy creating something significantly more vital – my own proofreading business … a venture that is now up and running (and I’m sure you’ll be able to find details to it somewhere on this page if you’re inclined to do so). The business – which is doing quite well, thank you very much for not asking – is a perfect fit for me due to my life-long love of reading and, more latterly, writing. So blog #1 no longer seemed to tick the right boxes for me and I considered creating something that was more … well, relevant, as well as something other people may wish to comment on and contribute to. This is it.

A literary theme?

That, then, will serve for now as an introduction – a kind of label if you will, something that outlines what this is all about and what you might expect from future posts. In those posts I hope to review any books and pieces of writing that have struck a chord with me – and maybe those that didn’t, too. I’ll also perhaps use this to chart the progress of my business and to comment on any aspect of it that I wish to share. And, of course, anything else that inspires me to take a seat here (a brew close to hand) and batter the keyboard, spilling out those things that are in my mind – in itself a scary thought. Be assured though that this – unlike my previous offering – will have a central theme running through it. And that is ‘words’.

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