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Picture the scene:

You are at your desk facing another busy schedule. Mail arrives – a flyer from a company you’ve not heard of. The flyer, part of an advertising campaign, offers a low-cost innovative product or service capable of saving you time and money. Potentially, it could enable you to improve company efficiency and give you the edge over your competitors.

The problem?

You’re immediately struck by a number of textual errors – punctuation anomalies, bad formatting, poor grammar – all minor infractions perhaps, but they distract you from the true message and earn the (now appropriately named) flyer a swift toss toward the bin. And why not, you say. For if they can’t get the basics right they don’t deserve your business …

… and an opportunity becomes lost – from both sides.


As individuals you and your staff may be very capable wordsmiths. However, as is so often the case, corporate documents are the result of collaboration – multiple authors, each one providing a valuable contribution, making changes, then changing again. Time is usually tight, too. That’s when errors occur, with each one having the potential to totally derail your efforts and, in consequence, lose another vital business opportunity.

A fresh pair of eyes

I won’t dwell on the advantages of using a proofreader as I’ve explained all that on my Editorial Services page. What I will add is this: you expect your suppliers to ‘go the extra mile’ so why not do likewise by bringing me on board when the need arises? While I may be more expensive than a spellchecker I’ll never permit such as this to slip the net:

Pubic Services_1

Passed ‘okay’ by the spellchecker

Be assured there are countless others just like this one, waiting to trip you up and stain your image.