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First of all, a caveat

What follows are the random musings of a Yellowbelly rambler

Following much deliberation I decided that, instead of a dedicated business blog devoted to proofreading and editorial matters such as spelling, grammatical best-practice, humorous punctuation gaffs and so on, I would include my own personal one. There are more than enough of the former out there and I’m sure I’d be unable to add to what is already available.

For those interested enough to read on, however, please note that, whereas the site you are now on is my shop window and, as such, I hope reflects my professionalism as an editorial freelancer, my own blog is personal, informal and conversational … and no doubt verbose. The tag-line sums it up: ‘The random musings of a yellowbelly rambler’ – yellowbelly being the nickname given to a native of Lincolnshire.

A worthwhile purchase

A worthwhile purchase

Whilst the musings are indeed random I do try to adhere to a literary theme in which to discuss books that have struck a chord with me, or perhaps writing in general. I may also include the occasional book-review, or simply share purchases I’ve made, such as those illustrated here, bought from a delightful bookshop in Aldbourgh, Suffolk.

I may also chart the progress of my fledgling career as novelist and editorial freelancer. Who knows? Such is the Bohemian nature of blogs. Still interested? Click here.

4 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my ‘career’ post at roughwighting. Funny thing is that my first job after graduate school did lead me on the path of writing/editing/proofing for magazines/journals/books. Much luck on your blog and job in editorial services.


    1. Hi Nita,
      Thanks for dropping by my site and leaving your kind comments. This is a new site for me and I’ll be expanding it as time allows. Feel free to drop by anytime – hey, why not click to ‘follow’? You have a great, Mumbai day!


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