I can write fiction and non-fiction

In addition to being a freelance proofreader I’m a writer.

In fact, I was busy writing – both fiction and non-fiction – long before my freelance editorial career began. My non-fiction feature pieces have tended to focus on those areas of particular interest to me and may be summarised as ‘history and the outdoors’. I’ve showcased some samples of these on my ‘Non-fiction’ page. As for fiction, my debut novel ‘The Door to Caellfyon’ is currently five-star rated on Amazon. Take a look. Buy a copy if you wish.

Can I write for you?

Not only can I help businesses and individuals with proofreading, but also with copy-writing.

If you have something to say and want someone to say it, give me a call. And whether you’re a company in need of commercial or promotional material, or whether you’re an individual, presentation matters. It’s all about perception, and once you submit written material – whatever it may be – it says something about you. It reflects your commitment and attention to detail. Errors will not only stain your image but will also distract your readers and, in the case of serious blunders, may even corrupt your message.

Time is money

Don’t waste your own valuable time deliberating over syntax, punctuation and structure.

Contact me and I’ll handle all that. I’m confident you’ll find my fees agreeable. And while you think about that why not read my ‘Writers’ News’ competition-winning piece – a mock April Fool newspaper article titled: ‘Passengers Wanted for Mary Rose. I hope it makes you smile.

In memory of the majestic 'Mary Rose' and the humble ha'penny

In memory of the majestic ‘Mary Rose’ and the humble ha’penny