Here’s what some of my customers have had to say:

“Thank you so much for your changes, comments and suggestions; you’ve done some really outstanding work on the manuscript! I haven’t been too convinced about this [piece] before you had a look at it, but now I feel I can finally send the whole thing out to the magazine’s editor.”
P.R. London
“I would recommend without reservation the services of Steve Wand who came to the rescue at the ‘Eleventh Hour’.  Having offered to proof-read my son’s Phd Thesis on Soviet History, I realised that without an understanding of the topic I could not do it justice.  Steve stepped in at the breach and in a very short time-frame provided an exemplary and professional service which led to the work being submitted prior to the submission date.  His knowledge, literary prowess, constructive suggestions, overall empathy and responsiveness to the written word alongside a great understanding of the topic (Soviet history) has proved invaluable not only to my son but to his family who are now ready to watch the next chapter of his life as an Oxford Academic.  Thanks for everything Steve. Words cannot describe my gratitude.”
J.S. Grimsby
“I am extremely grateful for your help and I truly appreciate every ounce of your time and effort. You make a great editor :-)”
L.H. Grimsby
“Sincere thanks for all your help and advice. You made what could have been a fraught and stressful time a relaxed and measured affair all round. The chance for a fresh perspective on my prose and content was hugely appreciated. The whole exercise has taught me a lot, and will continue to have a positive impact on my writing.”
M.S. Oxford
“Thank you for all [your] help, and I think your work is great, you express the things I want to say.”
S.W. University of East Anglia
“Mr Wand responded promptly to my request. The proofreading was done in good time. He appeared to go the extra mile, not only correcting spelling and punctuation but suggesting improvements to the style. I strongly recommend his work. I was very satisfied with the result.”
R.A. Kingston-upon-Hull