The Door to Caellfyon’ is my debut novel



* * * * * “Once you enter Caellfyon the story grips your imagination”

And so, the tale begins …

‘Is there anything that’s puzzled you? Something you’ve never been able to find an answer for?’ 

This simple question prompts insecure teenager Levi Hardy to step through a curious door in an ancient abbey. From there he goes on an astonishing journey. A journey to a distant land; a land in peril. A land where he must forget all that he knows in order to deal with his bizarre new surroundings.
Befriended by a kindly community, he will be forced to rapidly learn new skills and call on hidden strengths if he is to provide them with much needed aid. For in the sleepy village of Skenmarris its small population is in immediate danger and in fear of their lives from a new and ruthless threat. But in providing vital assistance Levi must risk dire consequences, and quickly rise to his full potential if he is to survive the brutality of this strange and hostile world.
In brief, the book – together with its sequel, ‘Flight of The Sparrow’ – is a ‘through the portal’ adventure which sees the main character, Levi, discover that crossing a door’s threshold doesn’t always have a predictable outcome. Although he has the feeling that this door isn’t all it seems, nothing could prepare him for the fantastic consequences that follow.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

On stepping through the door, Levi – and has sister, Poppy – embark on an amazing journey which, as the cover blurb suggests, tests them to their limits.
When Levi begins his adventure he is an insecure, apprehensive young teenager. He will immediately be pitched into a sequence of events through which, aided by a fanciful mentor, he will become a self-assured and capable young man. The journey, however, will be long, harrowing and, at times, tragic.
In Chapter One Levi’s Uncle Seymour leads Levi to Thornley Abbey to show him the mysterious door high on the gatehouse wall.
The theme of self-discovery becomes evident in the question put to Levi by his uncle (shown above in the cover blurb), and in Levi’s reply.
This his how the conversation goes moments after Seymour’s question:


Later, as the pair contemplate the narrow ledge that leads to the mystery door, this ‘self discovery’ theme is reflected again:


This same theme, using the small bird analogy, will be explored once more in the book’s sequel, and will be reflected in its title: ‘Flight of The Sparrow’.

Inspiration for Fantasy Fiction

This page will suffice as a taster for ‘The Door to Caellfyon’. You should by now have some idea of the nature of the story. If not, just think ‘Redwall meets Narnia’ and you’ll be very close.
On my blog you’ll find more information regarding my inspiration behind the story, and the methods I’ve used to create the tale and the scenes within it. The post titled Fifty Years in the Making would be an excellent place to start.
And, of course, should you wish to purchase the book (and I recommend that you do), just click here.
Thanks for reading.